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  • Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency

    A Govt. of Kerala Undertaking

Project Achievements

  • 5884 rural water supply schemes constructed are operated and managed by the communities.
  • 4.52 Lakhs rural HH connections in less than 20 years. Constituting 25% of total rural household connections.
  • O&M of the schemes by the Community without any support of Govt.
  • Willingness to pay demonstrated beyond doubt (Part of Capital expenditure & Full O&M expenditure)
  • Popularised rain water harvesting programme by constructing more than 37,000 rain water harvesting structures
  • 1.04 lakhs individual latrines constructed and 24194 unsanitary latrines converted in to sanitary latrines
  • 293 pay and use / community latrines constructed
  • 96703 environment management mitigation units (soakpit, compost pit, vermi compost) constructed
  • 1916 biogas units constructed.
  • Water Security Plan for 106 project GPs
  • 227 GPs already primed with Jal Jeeven Mission (JJM) concept.
  • Reached out to most difficult areas like hilly and remote Panchayaths
  • Emergence of leaders from among women and the underprivileged.
  • Strengthened gender equality. 
  • Reached out to most difficult areas like hilly and remote Panchayaths
  • Jalanidhi projects are being operationalised through the Grama Panchayaths and the beneficiary groups, thereby acknowledging and strengthening the efforts of decentralised planning in Kerala.