Kozhikode: May 6, 2015:One Day Bidders Meeting begins at Kozhikode on 6th May 2015.  Bidders from all over the project districts attended and clarified the doubts. Shri. OM Prakash, Sr.Consultant and Dr. D.M.Mohan, Consultant Engineering, The World Bank also attended. Shri.K.Mohan,Director (Technical) , Shri. S.Sreevalsan, Director (F&A), Shri.Narendra Dev, Regional Project Director, RPMU, Malappuram clarified the quires of participants.

Report: HRD Team 


Kozhikode: 5th May 2015:Batch 3 Grama Panchayat Orientation Started at Kozhikode. Orientation Program for Grama Panchayat Council Started at Kozhikode on 5th and 6th May 2015. Sri. T.K.Sreedharan, President, Kottur Grama Panchayat inaugurated the Program. Smt. Sherifa, Vice- President, Munniyur Grama  Panchayat presides the function. Shri.M.Premlal, Director HRD, Shri.K.N.Suresh Babu, Deputy Director HR, Shri. M.P. Shaheer, Manager (Community Development) took classes on various aspects of project implementation. Altogether 45 participants attended the program.

Report: HRD Team.


Kozhikode: May 4, 2015: Two Days Advanced Training Programme on World Bank Procurement Procedures and One Day Bidders Conference started at Kozhikode. The training programme is mainly focused on the hands on capacity building related to procurement of civil works. Resource support for the programme is provided by the World Bank procurement division. The training programme inaugurated by the Executive Director, Smt.Tinku Biswal.IAS. She emphasized that procurement capacity building is critical for the timely successful completion of the project. Fifty Engineers from Kerala Water Authority (KWA) and Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (KRWSA) is attending the training programme.  Mr.Srinivas Rao Podipireddy , Task Team Leader, World Bank Mission, Dr.D.M.Mohan, Engineering Specialist, Mr.A.K.Kalesh Kumar, Capacity Building Coordinator, Procurement Division, Mr,Om Prakash, Sr.Consultant, The World Bank  has delivered felicitations. 

Report: HRD Team 


Smt.Tinku Biswal IAS, Secretary , Water Resources Department  takes charge of Executive Director, Jalanidhi




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