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Ambal Water Supply Scheme, Ittiyappara in Kadaplamattom Grama Panchayat, Kottayam-Dt creating history in community management and value additons in development.

Kadaplamattom Gama Panchayat (GP) situates in Uzhavoor block of Kottayam distict. There are 13 wards in Kadaplamattam GP. Total population of Kadaplamattam GP is 13,471. There are 2307 House holds in Kadaplamattom GP. Panchayat is geographicaly a hilly terain with rubber cultivation.  Some areas of the GP are plain land with paddy field. Panchayath had acute shortage of drinking water during summer season. People were getting drinking water through tanker loary. An amount of Rs. 500 is required for 1000 liters of water. During 2012 Jalanidhi project is sanctioned to Kadaplamattam GP. 33 water supply schemes are constructed through Jalanidhi project. 1877 house holds were the beneficiated with Jalanidhi project. Before the arrival of Jalanidhi project, peple collect drinking water from long distance.
Ambal Water Supply Scheme – History, Evalution and Institutionalisation;
Ambal Water Supply Scheme located in 5th ward of Kadaplamattam GP. Residence of Ambal area formed a Beneficary Group in 24-2-2012 has started the functioning and to provide water supply to its beneficiaries in 7th June 2014. Source of Ambal WSS is an open well. OHSR, pump house, pump and pipe line are the other assets of this scheme.  An amount of Rs.  24, 07,300/ is estimated for constructing the scheme, the sheme has completed with a saving of Rs. 1, 21,377.  A toal of 50 households benefited from the schemes and they have invested 10 % of capital cost by way of beneficiary contribution. A user paid Rs.21,375/- towards beneficiary contribution. After commissioning of the schemes, the beneficiary committee has decided to collect Rs.100/- per households as user fee towards operation and maintenance. User fee of Rs.100/- is charged for 15000 Liters of water, extra usage will be charged separately. The beneficiary general body is convened every year and annual elections to the beneficiary committee will be held annualy. Annual renewal of the registration under societies registration act on legal status will be renewed every year.
Water is distributing through functional household tap connections located in their house yard. Meter reading is done by the pump operator for the monthly usage and if found additional usage other than the fixed limit will be charged extra. BG has a savings towards its corpus for reserve fund Rs. 1, 57, 120/- Beneficiaryies are paying water cess regularly and no permanent defulters. Beneficiary Committee meeting is conducted every month and discussing about the functioning of the beneficiary group including income and expenditure, repairs and maintenance, water quality, complaints and suggestion of its customers etc. Consumer satisfaction is also taken into account while taking decisions. All the decisions taken by the General Body or the Executive Committtee of the beneficiary group is communicated to all memebers in a transpernt way. All the decisions are well informed to user group.
Value additons:
  1. Micro savings {Chitty}
In order to promote the saving habit among its members, BG is running chitty and collecting Rs. 850 from its members. Monthly collection amount of chitty will get to those chitty depositing member who win in lucky drow. Those who already win in luck drow and got money could not participate in next lucky drow. BG members are using the chtty money for education or treatment of family members or purchasing house hold items. More than a saving scheme chitty promote community bond and cohesion among its members.  
  1. Oraganising Medical Camps for public and Users;
BG has organised different type’s medical camp for the public. It has been conducted regualarly on dental, eye care diabetic and other life style diseases testing camps. Benefiary group is organizing medical camps and clinics in alternative system of medicine like, homeopathy, Ayurveda etc. Homeopathic preventive medicines are distributed during pandemic and fever seasons. Beneficiary Group organised medical camp as value added services for the consumers and as public relation programme for non BG families. There is a good public participation for the medical camps.
  1. Income generation programme.
To generate more income to the beneficiary group memebrs, the committee has organized various skill development programmes to its interested members. They have organized skill development progammes for memebers in washing powder making, hand wash lotion making, floor cleaning materials and lotions etc. This has been manufactured collectively by the group members and the committee has branded it and supplied branded bottles etc. This has enhanced the skills of the user group and their by enhanced monthly income of many of the member families.
  1. Priniting of Calender.
After commissioning of the WSS, BG has started to print multy coulr laminated calander in every year and distributed it to their members. In their calander they are giving the name and phone numbers of BG leaders. BG members can contact their BG leaders at any time through mobile number and report their complaints and suggestion.
  1. Cloth Bag making and  distributon:-
To reduce the use of plastic and protect the earth form throwing plastic carry bags, the beneficiary group prmoted cloth bag making. A small unit has strated and they distributed the cloth bag to all its members at free of cost, the bag is printed with name of the beneficiary committee and messges on environment protection etc. This has resulted a habit change in the usage of plastic carry bags.
Considering the innovations and leadership, Mr. Jophy Jose, Ambal BG President has been selected as the secretary of BG federation of Kadaplamattom GP. Kadaplamattom GP has given an office for the BG federation and BG federation is coordinating all the BGs and their WSS in Kadaplamattom GPs.
  1. Visitors from outside :
There are several team from inside state and outside state has visited the sheme to study the operations, management and other allied activities. Visitors had expressed greater satisfaction on the community scheme functioning and effective management of the committee.

For more information Please contact :- Jophy Jose, President Ambal WSS, Mobile No. 9447104757